Chess Chat: Protecting Your King

By Cole Gannon, ’22


The first in an occassional series about chess strategy, written by members of the HHS Chess Club

When facing a good chess player, there is one move that will protect your king from checkmate for at least the better half of a match, if done correctly. 

Your first move needs to be to move the pawn in front of your king one space forward. Then, move the bishop on your kingside in front of your king.

After that, move your kingside knight to the front of your line of pawns. Now, is when you can do something called castling. In one move you can move your king next to your rook and then flip your rook on to the other side of your king. 

This will protect your king from immediate checkmate and give you time to defend.

If you are intrigued, like playing chess, or just like competition then join the Chess Club. Anyone is welcome and no experience is necessary. Meetings are Thursdays before school in room 225 at 7:15.

Questions? Ask Dylan Rice, Cole Gannon or Mrs. McCusker.

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