HHS Musical Takes on a Milestone of Adolescence

By Jake Faghan, ’23

Staff Writer

HHS performing arts students are looking forward to their next production, 13: the Musical. As it grows closer to opening night on Nov. 18, word has been buzzing about this show, the only Broadway musical ever to feature a cast entirely of teens.

Created by Jason Robert Brown, Dan Elish and Robert Horn, 13 tells the story of a teen who moves from New York City to a small Midwestern town. In addition to having to make new friends, Evan Goldman must deal with his parents’ divorce and his upcoming Bar Mitzvah. The musical premiered on Broadway in 2008, and introduced the world to the young actress who would become pop star Ariana Grande. It also recently debuted as a movie on Netflix.

“This show is about growing up and using a little guess and check, maybe failing once in a while, to figure out who you are and where you fit in,” said HHS drama teacher Collin Fahey. “We all feel that at the age of 13, you think you know everything, but ultimately we all need a little more studying, a little more self-discovery and a little more homework.”

The show features contemporary music, humor and relatable characters — all of whom are about to turn 13, Mr. Fahey added. “I think it will be interesting for students to investigate what their middle school experience was like and how it can influence them.”

The musical stars Ella Nadeau as Evan Goldman, Ashley Stracco as Patrice, Baylor Speckmann as Brett, Addy Potter as Archie, Peyton Szymczak as Lucy, and Norah Kelley as Kendra. Mr. Matt Harden, who chairs the district’s Fine and Performing Arts department and leads instrumental music at HHS, will help shape the production, along with choral director Mr. Michael Wade.

Last summer, the Drama Department had chosen for its fall musical Little Women, based on the book by Louisa May Alcott and the Broadway show that debuted on Broadway in 2005. But because another company had already purchased the rights, HHS had to make a different choice, Mr. Fahey said. Mr. Harden suggested they try 13.

“It’s fun to work with because everyone’s been 13,” Mr. Fahey said. “I’ve been 13 and everyone involved has been 13. … It is a really upbeat, fun, hilarious show that I think people are really going to enjoy.”

13: The Musical, will come to life on the auditorium stage Nov. 18-20. Information on ticket sales will be posted on Hanover Schools’ social media soon. I personally think that everyone should give this show a shot, and support the performing arts. As you watch the characters in 13 grow, help nurture the HHS performing arts program as well.

“I am incredibly proud to be part of such a nurturing artistic community here,” Mr. Fahey said, “and I can’t wait to keep creating and keep succeeding.”

Featured image: http://jasonrobertbrown.com/press/13-big-screen/

7 thoughts on “HHS Musical Takes on a Milestone of Adolescence”

  1. I think it was really fun to see everyone came together. the article was very good and showed a lot about what went into the show. I also found it funny to read that my name is spelled wrong.


  2. The detail in this article is great. It gives lots of background of the show and what the cast and crew have gone through to put it all together. The use of quotes is very good and they make the story credible.


  3. This article provides a good background and introduction to the play as well as a nice shout out of the cast and teachers that deserve acknowledgment. Seems like a lot of effort and dedication was put into the play!!


  4. This article is very fun to read, it gives lots of background information to what the musical is about. Its sounds like the cast and crew bonded to make this a great performance.


  5. This article gives the 13 production a great introduction, and helped to showcase how the production was made behind the scenes.


  6. This is a very informative article because it tells us what the musical will be about and how they will be performing the same. It gives us context about the main character of the musical, helping us understand the story more. This also appeals to pathos because they compare us to the main character and how we can relate because we have all been 13 once, and have experienced the typical things a 13 year old does.


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