Cabaret Showcases Student Talent, Passion

By Paulina Leskow and Norah Kelley, ’24

To kick off this school year for the music and drama departments, Hanover High School transformed the cafeteria into a Cabaret. The October 20 showcase featured 19 acts and was a great way to put the performing arts on center stage. The Cabaret included the HHS Band, Vox choral group and Jazz Ensemble as well as many acts proposed by the students themselves to show off their talents of singing, dancing, acting, comedy and playing instruments.

“From beginning to end, they showed individual initiative — especially through their creativity,” said Mr. Matt Harden, the chair of Hanover Schools’ Fine and Performing Arts who also leads instrumental music at HHS. Mr. Harden orchestrated the production, along with choral director Mr. Michael Wade and drama teacher Mr. Collin Fahey.

The event made an impact on the large audience as well as the performers and crew members who worked backstage. “I loved seeing how talented everyone was, especially people that I don’t usually get to see performing,” said junior Ella Nadeau, who sang “Girl Crush” by L. McKenna, H.Lindsey and L. Rose. 

After performing a dance routine, senior Owen Forrand said the reaction from the audience was the highlight of the night. “My favorite part was probably hearing how much people enjoyed my dance and how they thought I did well,” he said. “It was nice to hear that people didn’t notice the mistake I made and that the dance was fun to watch.” 

The Cabaret, which began last year as a way to continue live performances amid COVID-19 precautions, was also a great way for the new members of Hanover High School to be introduced to its impressive world of the arts. The schedule this year includes 13: The Musical in November, a drama fest and another play in the spring, and seasonal concerts by choral and instrumental performers. A districtwide festival showcasing fine and performing arts from students in grades k-12 debuted last year and is planned for the spring.

“The arts seem like such an amazing program,” said freshman Alana Cole, who sang “Don’t Rain on my Parade” by B. Merrill and J. Styne at the Cabaret. “It got me very excited to get involved in more activities!” 

6 thoughts on “Cabaret Showcases Student Talent, Passion”

  1. I really enjoy the interviews, especially because readers get students and a teacher’s perspectives. The photos also accompany the article well.


  2. As someone who took part in the Cabaret, I agree that it was a great way to start off the year. It allowed many individuals to showcase their talents, without the pressures of a formal concert. It was nice to hear what other performers thought of the showcase, and I love the pictures included from the night.


  3. Thank you for highlighting the performing arts in Hanover! Every opportunity provided for us to perform allows someone to step outside of their comfort zone and perhaps discover a new passion. It is important that we don’t forget the importance that lies within that! The performance was definitely a night to remember, and we are all so grateful for the opportunities provided for us to shine on stage!


  4. I think that this article is great piece that illustrates the expansive arts program at Hanover High School, and it also lets the reader know about upcoming arts events such as the musical. I wouldn’t be surprised if this piece draws more students into arts programs.


  5. This is a fantastic article. It’s so meaningful to the performing arts department to to get coverage like this, because it allows more people to hear about the amazing work they’re doing! The article itself is well written and very professional, and the comments from those participating are a pleasure to read.


  6. I agree that it was a great way to showcase Hanover High talents and a great introduction to new talents as well. I liked the incorporation of pictures along with the article as well.


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