School Spirit Soars for Homecoming Traditions

Hanover High’s school spirit was on full display in the week celebrating Homecoming. From Oct. 24-28, students rocked red, white and blue and their brightest neon, most comfortable jammies, favorite jerseys and coolest tropical gear for four days of themed dress-up. They then busted ear drums at the Friday pep rally before coming together to watch the football team trounce North Quincy 42-0. Homecoming included senior night for football and cheer, and the crowning of Jimmy Godin and Sophia Marshall-Pelayo as king and queen.

Special thanks to Mr. Patch for additional photos

7 thoughts on “School Spirit Soars for Homecoming Traditions”

  1. Our school shows a lot of school spirit, and I’m pretty sure almost everyone enjoys spirit week. It is a super fun week that leads to an awesome homecoming. I also love all of the pictures that are provided with this to see just how much school spirit everyone has, and how it is a school-wide event that people do with their friends.


  2. I like how the pictures capture the idea of the article. I feel like our school does a very good job when it comes to spirit week and this article really shows how many people participate and show school spirit.


  3. One thing I really enjoyed about this piece was all the different pictures used to represent Hanover High Schools spirit. Our school clearly shows a lot of spririt during such a fun week. I think the author did a great job on capturing the fun at HHS during spirit week.


  4. First of all, I love the use of a pun in the title: saying “spirit soars” because our mascot is a hawk. I felt that the initial blurb of the article gave a clear and concise description of the occasion of spirit week. It detailed the date, the celebration, and the themes. I like that the author decided to use different adjectives to describe each spirit day theme, including “brightest neon” and “most comfortable jammies”. I also noted how the author used a metaphor to describe the immense noise that emanated from the gymnasium during the pep rally. I also appreciated how the author included pictures of many different students in their spirit day gear.


    1. Spirit day in Hanover is something completely different than in other schools where each grade has its own themes which show school spirit.


  5. I liked how it was short and able to catch the reader’s attention. The addition of the many pictures from Spirit Week was a good way to show off the student’s spirit. This article was able to capture the week’s events perfectly without filling it with too many details.


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