Outreach Club Joins Forces with First-Graders to Honor Veterans

Students in the Hanover High School Outreach Club worked with first graders at Cedar School on Monday, Nov. 7, to create crafts in honor of Veterans Day. The finished projects were handed out to veterans at the holiday lunch at the Hanover Council on Aging on Nov. 11.

The Outreach Club was created last year by students including Ashley Stracco and Brody Liebfarth as a way to support local seniors, veterans and families in need. Among its projects are “Cards for Kindness,” where handmade cards are collected for seniors, and gift baskets created and distributed at Christmas and Easter. For more info or to support the club, contact Ashley Stracco or advisor Mrs. McHugh.

Special thanks to Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Caulfield and Ms. Pollock at Cedar for inviting the high schoolers into their classrooms.

4 thoughts on “Outreach Club Joins Forces with First-Graders to Honor Veterans”

  1. This is a great article because I didn’t know that the Outreach Club was a club or that it does such great things! The pictures here show that they had a lot of fun with the kindergarteners making arts and crafts and they are doing great things for the community!


  2. I loved spending time the the first graders! This article provided the perfect amount of information. The pictures brought a smile to my face especially the group photo at the end.


  3. I think this is an awesome idea and a great article. The club looks like it did an awesome job making things really pure and nice for the veterans and also by making things fun for the kids. It is a good way to show how the kids can appreciate them and it shows the veterans that there are still people teaching these kids all of the good they did.


  4. I think this is a fantastic idea for a club because it brings other factors into the community, like the veterans and seniors within the Hanover community, and does not just focus on school related topics. The article is written very well and describes what the club does for those who do not know much about it. As well as sharing the beauty of the young children making fun crafts for veterans.


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