CLASS OF 2023: Seniors Will Miss Community They’ve Created

by The Hawk staff

As the Class of 2023 prepares to spread its wings, many will carry fond memories of the flock they found at HHS. Those who responded to The Hawk survey counted friends, teachers and the school community among what they’ll miss the most after graduation.

In a senior class of 169 students, many of whom have been together since elementary school, it makes sense that the relationships they’ve made would be deemed so important. Let’s face it: high school is not an easy journey. Finding your community, your “people,” can help make the classes, homework, and everything else that comes with being a teenager a little easier.

“I’ll miss the community I have built around me and all the activities I’ve done,” said Ava Sullivan. Kathryn Shields called the Hanover community “tight-knit.”

For Abbey Kinzel, that community came in Mrs. Molloy’s chem class and the Drama Club. Cassie Lopes found it in marching band. For Joe Clasby, it came from friends, teachers, and sports. 

Whether the future keeps them local or takes them across the country, seniors will have one thing in common: the loss of familiar faces that, for years, they could count on seeing every day.

“I’ll miss being around my friends I grew up with,” said Dennis Sacco.

Teddy McCrann said it will be hard to leave behind “hanging out with friends basically the entire day.” 

David Quinlan will miss “messing around with the lads and some of the teachers I created relationships with.”

Some seniors cited specific teachers, coaches, or classes they’ll be sad to part with. For Sophie Rathgeber, that includes “the teachers who make me smile when I’m having a bad day.” Bree Cole says it’s those who “have played a huge role in my success over the past four years.” Others named Mrs. Pereira, Mr. Molloy, Mrs. Martin, and the library.

Of all the classes he took, sports he played and experiences he had, Henry Gorbey says the thing he will miss most is “lunch.”

With plans to start working construction after graduation, Cam Barron will miss something he truly will no longer be able to do: “skipping class.”

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