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Five New Websites To Try (That Aren’t Social Media)

Living in the midst of the era of social media can lead to a pretty narrow exploration of the World Wide Web. As teenagers, we seem to devote all of our time online to just a few social media sites. But there are so many helpful and interesting websites to explore even if they do not come in app form. I think that it would be interesting to share some of the websites that I have found to be particularly great, whether they involve personal interest or relaxation, forgotten appointments or forgotten songs, or becoming fit while having fun. Perhaps we can make positive use of the Internet in an even more expansive way.


Have you ever wished to find new inspiration or explore your interests? This discovery engine is your chance. StumbleUpon links users with websites relevant to their specified interests—whether sunsets, neoclassical architecture styles or any other branch of life. By using this site, you will be able to interact with what makes you tick and then continuously grow those interests. Stumble away!


There is no need to travel to the Caribbean or pull out a yoga DVD when you have access to this site. In a world that is often hectic and disconnected, Calm.com offers a visual and auditory escape to a place of mindful relaxation and meditation. Take a break from your stress and your studies to center yourself in a peaceful, clear state of mind. With audio-guided or self-guided mediation, you will leave this website with an understanding of why it is called Calm.com.


Go to this site and watch your life (literally) fall in to place! Any.do’s organization grid allows you to chart in your agenda for “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Upcoming” and “Someday.” What is more, the online website allows for a full view of your tasks so that stress can slowly ease away.


If you are looking to acquire a unique, undiscovered music taste, Forgotify will provide you with just that. While Spotify offers more than 20 million songs, this site offers about 5 million that have never been heard. Broaden your taste and your music sensibility by giving some of these hidden songs a listen.


If you are a competitive person, getting healthier will become easier and likely much more fun with this website. Fitocracy allows you to unlock goals, compete with other members, and go on health “quests” to ramp up your health, all with access to an online coach and team. This website allows fitness to become a team sport!

Hopefully, at least one of these sites is appealing and will become a new bookmark in your browser. And maybe there is even a chance that you will be happier, healthier, and relaxed for it.

April Snowstorms Bring May Flowers?

By: Chris Acampora & Kristen Plahn

With most people’s weather forecasts looking like something straight out of February, nobody would believe we just started spring here in Hanover.


Last week brought warm temperatures along with high winds. But over the weekend and into Monday, New England’s weather decided, “hey, I’m not feeling this temperature today… or this week, maybe I’m having another ‘off month’ so let’s have another week of winter…”

The snow Monday caused many students to wonder if school would be cancelled, or dismissed early, and if various afterschool activities would take place. Luckily (although that is debatable among students), we did finish the school day and added another tally to the 180-day requirement, instead of adding another day in June.

The storm posed a risk for drivers heading out into the weather. All drivers were advised to drive slower than usual. The snow and ice  made the roads increasingly dangerous, even to those with cars equipped with all-wheel drive. Another precaution was to make sure your roof was cleared before even pulling out of the HHS parking lot. If your roof wasn’t cleared, you risked having a snow-covered windshield as soon as you put on your brakes.

The recent weather also contradicted the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” With newly budding flowers buried under snow and ice, it might be a while before we see green lawns and blooming gardens.


Wrong Time To Tank

The Boston Bruins have had the exact definition of a roller coaster season. After major highs and lows during the course of the season, they are ending the year on a major low. They have lost six of their last seven games and only hold a one point lead for the final playoff spot in the Atlantic division with 88 points. Detroit and Philadelphia have both won four of their last seven and sit right behind Boston at 87 points. On March 8th, the Bruins defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning and moved into first place in the division. At that time, Boston was the hottest team in hockey and seemed to be putting it all together at the perfect time. As a whole, the team has totally fallen apart and I don’t think the Bruins will make the playoffs this season. It may not be a bad thing if they don’t make it, either.

Now, in no way am I rooting for the Bruins not to make the playoffs But their play all season has not been competitive enough to even come close to winning the Stanley Cup. If the Bruins don’t make the playoffs, then their position in the NHL Draft will be better. The Bruins have drafted very poorly and a better pick can only help this team get an impact player in the draft.

The biggest positive if the Bruins don’t make the playoffs would be that head coach Claude Julien would be fired. I wrote about how Julien was not the right coach for this team in November, and that with him as the coach they wouldn’t make the playoffs. He’s still the coach and they are on the verge of falling out of the playoffs for the second consecutive season. Julien consistently makes mind-boggling decisions with personnel and it is a huge part of the struggles with this team. One example is putting Jimmy Hayes on the powerplay unit when Hayes has 13 goals on the year. Hayes struggles with scoring and defense and just about every other thing it takes to be a hockey player. Another is Julien’s short leash with 20 year old David Pastrnak. Pasternak’s future is very bright and his talent has helped the Bruins offensively and defensively all season. When he’s been out on the ice, he has helped this team. When Julien sends him to the fourth line mid-game because he isn’t playing well,  I don’t have a problem. It’s when he brings him down after one turnover and replaces him with Brett Connolly, who is one of the worst players on the team. It’s not like this has happened once either and I’m complaining about it, but on multiple occasions Pastrnak has been replaced on the second line in close, important games by Connolly. If the Bruins not making the playoffs means a better draft pick for the team and a new coach, it might just be worth it.

The downside is obviously that for the second straight year the Bruins won’t be playing in the postseason. It would be good for the long term sake of the team to miss the playoffs, but this team is too talented to perform at the inconsistent level that they do. Loui Eriksson has been a huge factor in what success the team has had. His 27 goals and 30 assists just go to show how well he’s played all year. His contract is up at the end of the year, one of his best seasons in quite some time, and he is 30 years old. Players tend to perform very well in the final year of their contracts to assure they get paid as a free agent and Loui has done that. With star forward Brad Marchand’s contract being up after next season, he is more of an essential player to make sure stays here then Loui. If the Bruins don’t make the playoffs, then not trading Loui at the trade deadline was wrong. If he leaves in free agency, then the possibility of getting players or picks for him is gone and the Bruins lost a primary goal scorer and got nothing in return.

The final five games determines the future for a lot of people in the Bruins organization, some for better and others for worse.  

Why I’m Going to Italy, and Why I’m Not Afraid

The school trip to Italy has been a popular topic of conversation among Hanover High School students lately. When the trip was called off last Thursday because of the recent bombings in Brussels – just 22 days before we were supposed to leave — students were devastated. Mr. Paquette surprised everyone once again with an email Saturday morning stating that the trip was back on with added security measures. Responses from parents and students were mixed. Some were wary of any international travel after the attacks. Others are willing to take the risk of potential terrorist activity in exchange for a life-changing trip. I completely understand that it is a tough decision whether to take part in the trip or not in light of recent events, and there is no “right” answer. In the end, it comes down to the family and what they are comfortable with. In the end, there was no question for me whether to go to Italy or not. I had been looking forward to this trip since it was first planned back in 2015 and would let nothing, not even ISIS, stand in my way. Here’s what led to my decision:

1. The government issued a travel ALERT, not a WARNING. Although these words have pretty similar definitions in every day life, they are vastly different when in comes to the safety of international travel. A travel alert, which was issued after the Brussels bombing, is basically a wake-up call to Americans that yes, the world is a dangerous place. In contrast, a warning is a much more serious and is a strong deterrent from any travel. The travel alert is definitely warranted, and there are very real threats in the world, but this is not anything new.

2. We will be constantly on the move. As part of the trip we will be covering a lot of ground. Florence, Venice, Pompeii, Capri, and Rome are all of the heavy hitters on the itinerary, but we will also be exploring some of the lesser-known Italian attractions such as the towns of Orvieto and Sorrento. These small cities are much less likely to be targeted for a terrorist attack, and the many hours that we will spend on the road will likely keep us safe as well.

3. You are just as likely to be the victim of a terrorist attack as you are to be struck by lightning. The Brussels bombings were a tragic event and nothing can justify the loss of life on that terrible day. Thirty five people were killed and hundreds of others sustained injuries. Let’s not forget, however, that there are 7 billion people on this earth. That means that your chances of being killed in a terrorist attack on that particular day were .000000005 percent. Even on the days when terrorism strikes especially hard, you still have a greater chance of winning the Powerball jackpot than you do of being a victim.

4. If I didn’t go, the terrorists would have won. Inflicting fear is the point of terrorism, after all. If I stayed home over April vacation because of a fear that I might end up the victim of a terrorist attack, I have accomplished exactly what ISIS is looking to do. If we shelter ourselves and become isolated from the world in fear of groups like ISIS, we become just as ignorant of all the beauty and goodness the world has to offer as they are.

5. I’ve never tasted Italian gelato. Seriously. There are so many delicious Italian foods I have to cross off my bucket list, monuments to see, shops to explore, and people to meet in Italy. I just could not pass up the opportunity to grow my world and take in as much of this beautiful country as I could in 10 days.

6. I’d rather take risks than have regrets. Traveling abroad always poses a threat. If it’s not ISIS you’re worried about, it could be a plane crash, the airline losing your luggage, being separated from the group, and the list goes on. For me, it is all about the pros and cons. Yes, while there is a slight chance that any of those things may happen, I know for a fact that I will have an amazing experience in Italy and will never have the chance to explore a beautiful European country surrounded by my best friends again. In the end, this is what it came down to for me. I knew that I would forever look back and regret my decision if I chose not to go to Italy, and now instead of this regret I will be left with memories I will cherish for years to come.

2016 MLB Season Preview

mlb-teams-1024x768Major League Baseball opening day is just days away and excitement for the season is tremendous. The 162-game season will begin on April 3rd and not end until October 4th. Due to the length of the season, it is one of the more difficult sports in which to predict which teams will come out winners or losers. After trades and free agent acquisitions, many teams have a new look and here’s how I see things shaking out across the league this season.


Boston Red Sox: 85-77

Toronto Blue Jays: 83-79

New York Yankees: 82-80

Tampa Bay Rays: 78-84

Baltimore Orioles: 72-90

The AL East is wide open, as it seems to be almost every year. Boston added big names to its roster and seems to  have a legitimate chance to contend this season. Toronto and New York also have the pitching and enough bats to contend for the AL East title. Tampa Bay has strong starting pitching in Chris Archer but the rest of the team is pretty weak. Baltimore struggles in a lot of stages of the game and probably won’t do much this season.

AL Central

Chicago White Sox: 82-80

Kansas City Royals: 79-83

Cleveland Indians: 77-85

Minnesota Twins: 74-88

Detroit Tigers: 74-88

The Kansas City Royals won the American League pennant last season and the World Series. They lost starting pitcher Johnny Cueto to San Francisco in free agency. I think despite some drama surrounding the White Sox with the departure of their 1st baseman Adam LaRoche, they can still surprise people and win in a weak division. Cleveland just doesn’t have the roster to remain competitive all season. Minnesota has potential as many of their top prospects are being developed into MLB-ready players but the development will take a few more years. Detroit is starting to fall off their winning ways and, with the exception of Miguel Cabrera, the team isn’t very good.

AL West

Houston Astros: 90-72

Texas Rangers: 84-78

Los Angeles Angels: 82-80

Seattle Mariners: 73-89

Oakland Athletics: 70-92

Last season, the Astros proved that their prospects have developed and are ready to win as they controlled the AL West for most of the season. The Rangers traded for starting pitcher Cole Hamels and their late season surge resulted in the AL West title. The Angels finished only three games back from first place last season and one game back from second place. This season, the three-way race for first place of the AL West will continue, but ultimately Houston is too talented not to come out on top. Second place is a coin flip. Either Texas or Los Angeles have the ability to finish second and play in the wild card playoff game. Seattle and Oakland both have a small core of good players, just not enough to compete in such a strong division.  


New York Mets: 89-73

Washington Nationals: 86-76

Miami Marlins: 76-86

Atlanta Braves: 66-96

Philadelphia Phillies: 62-100

The two-team race for the NL West will continue in 2016 between the Mets and Nationals. Washington has one of the best players in the world in Bryce Harper. In my eyes, he’s the most electric player in baseball and always seems to back up all of his talk off the field with his play on it. The Mets have one of the most elite pitching staffs in baseball and should cause trouble to almost every MLB lineup this season. Yoenis Céspedes is New York’s power hitter and I think the Mets will be too much for Washington to keep up with this season. Miami is young but is nowhere close to being relevant in the division. Atlanta and Philadelphia are two of the worst teams in baseball.


St. Louis Cardinals: 98-64

Chicago Cubs: 95-67

Pittsburgh Pirates: 82-80

Milwaukee Brewers: 64-98

Cincinnati Reds: 63-99

According to the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, the Chicago Cubs have the best odds of winning the World Series at 4-1. The next closest are the Dodgers, Astros and Mets at 10-1. I don’t believe the Cubs will win their division, nevermind a World Series championship. The Cubs have a very impressive roster and most definitely are a playoff team. They just have been given expectations much too high by so many people that the unnecessary pressure to win only makes it harder to do so. On top of that, they also have the pressure of not having won the World Series since 1908. Every year, St. Louis seems to win 85+ games and is atop the NL Central, and I see the same happening in 2016. Pittsburgh has the chance to be a good ball club in 2016, but with the powerhouses of Chicago and St. Louis, I don’t believe they will be able to keep up. Milwaukee and Cincinnati fall under the same category as Atlanta and Philadelphia in that their teams are pretty weak and shouldn’t have much success this season.  


San Francisco Giants: 101-61

Los Angeles Dodgers: 88-74

Arizona Diamondbacks: 78-84

San Diego Padres: 72-90

Colorado Rockies: 61-101

Lastly, we finish up with the NL West. My pick to win the World Series is the San Francisco Giants. I think their pitching staff is better than the one I raved about in the New York Mets. They are one of the better fielding teams in the league and manager Bruce Bochy has proven he can lead this team as he’s won three championships. Los Angeles is a playoff team and should do well this season, led by one of the game’s best pitchers Clayton Kershaw. With the highest payroll in baseball, Los Angeles has very high expectations to meet this season. It will be interesting to see how the team plays under new manager Dave Roberts. Arizona is another team with a small core of very good players and not much else around them. Zack Greinke and Paul Goldschmidt make up that small core for the Diamondbacks and will have to carry their team all season to be successful. San Diego lacks talent all over the diamond and Colorado is my pick to have the worst record in baseball.

This Week in History…

Have you ever thought about what was happening on this very day, at this very moment, many centuries ago? Maybe a crown was being placed on Henry V at his coronation 6,000 years back, or maybe Rosa Parks was boarding a bus on a trip that would be monumental for decades to come.

Every day, we walk in the ancient footprints of those who ate, talked, and created the history that we are familiar with today. I think that it would be quite interesting if we took a look at some of these footprints and acknowledged the people who formed them. So many of these historical people partook in significant events, and thus created an endless record of events for this week, March 20-26. Still, it is fascinating to highlight just a few to think about as we go through our upcoming week.

On March 20, 1852, Harriet Beecher Stowe left her footprint in the nation after she published her book Uncle Tom’s Cabin for public viewing. Stowe’s book had national reverberations in the country as American citizens from the North reached a new level of awareness about the horrors of slavery in the South (even though critics argued her account was exaggerated). Stowe awakened the Northern public to a stronger anti-slavery effort, and thus helped to bring emancipation to blacks everywhere in the United States in the 1860s.  Now, we can skip a little over 110 years later to 1969 on the very same day, and make it in time to see The Beatles singer John Lennon tie the knot and wed Yoko Ono in scenic Gibraltar.

March 21 has been a big day for history. In Eisenach, Germany in 1685, composer Johann Sebastian Bach was born to a life in which he would compose dozens of musical works that strongly enhanced the Baroque period of classical music in Western Europe.  In 1790 on this day, Thomas Jefferson became an important part of President Washington’s cabinet as Secretary of State. About 170 years later, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy ordered the release of prisoners from San Francisco’s Alcatraz prison for, among other reasons, the inhumanity he saw there.

Over the course of the rest of this week in history, two albums produced by The Beatles were released; RCA debuted its first color televisions in 1954; and in 1989, the largest American oil spill took place in Alaska. This Tuesday marks the day of the very first movie witnessed by an audience in Paris in 1895, along with the passing of the Stamp Act in 1765. Ten years after the passing of the Stamp Act, colonist Patrick Henry inspired revolutionary sentiment in 1775 on March 23 with his famous quote, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”
On this Thursday in history, the Tudor dynasty in England ended, finishing its line of succession of 118 years from 1485 to 1603. Then amidst World War II in 1941, on the very same day, Britain was attacked by Germany in North Africa.

This week closes with the anniversary of Maryland’s founding on March 25, 1634 and the passage of the Naturalization Act of 1790, which made it so that a United States citizenship applicant had to have lived in the nation for two years prior. This Saturday, March 26, marks a saddening day of death for Ludwig van Beethoven, a different German composer, in 1827 and for American poet Walt Whitman in 1892.

Our trip through time, of course, has only touched upon the births, deaths, and happenings of people and events of national and worldwide attention. We are missing galaxies of information and miles and miles of footprints. But thinking about even these several events is fascinating. How interesting is it to think that John Lennon would have so many milestones during this one week? Or that so many hugely influential artists have died and been born within this span of time? Even more than fascinating, the act of remembering is important, and acknowledging the people who filled the footprints that we follow every day is a wonderful and illuminating thing which we should never stop doing—that is, until we can leave our very own footprint in the world.

NBA Postseason Predictions

The NBA postseason is almost upon us, with teams having only 15 or 16 games left each. It is looking to be a good one, with no real dominating contender in the East, while the top-heavy West prepares for some competitive late-round matchups. There are still many spots to be determined, but, if the season ended right now, this is how the 2016 playoffs would look, and here are some of my predictions:


  1. Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Toronto Raptors
  3. Boston Celtics
  4. Miami Heat
  5. Atlanta Hawks
  6. Charlotte Hornets
  7. Indiana Pacers
  8. Chicago Bulls

Best First Round Matchup: Cavs vs. Bulls

Many would expect the defending Eastern Conference Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, to blow out their first round matchup. However, the Bulls are a scary 8th seed. Star guard Jimmy Butler has been out for almost a month, which has contributed to Chicago’s fall in the standings. With Butler, point guard Derrick Rose, and versatile big man Pau Gasol, they will force Lebron & Co. to seven games. However, Cleveland will eventually come out on top.

Best Playoff Performer: Paul George, Indiana Pacers

After missing all of last year due to a horrible leg injury, PG-13 is back, and better than ever. Once the 6-9 forward gets going, he’s hard to stop, and fun to watch. The Raptors do have the athleticism to control George, but Indiana’s star player will have the ball on every possession, and is sure to make the most of his opportunities. However, I do see the Raptors winning this series.

Eastern Conference Finals: Celtics vs. Cavs

In my opinion, these are the two best teams in the Eastern Conference. I do not see any other team in the East beating Boston or Cleveland in a 7-game series. However, that is where the similarities stop. The Celtics are made up of solid NBA players, with a 10-man rotation, who all play a certain role to help Boston win games. Cleveland is the exact opposite. Led by the Big 3 of Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, these stars do most of the scoring for this team, while the rest of the small rotation does the little things. This series will go 7 games but, sadly, I have to take Cleveland. The Celtics lack a consistent, legitimate wing scorer to be a threat for the Finals, and no one to match Lebron with big shots late in games.


  1. Golden State Warriors
  2. San Antonio Spurs
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder
  4. Los Angeles Clippers
  5. Memphis Grizzlies
  6. Portland Trail Blazers
  7. Houston Rockets
  8. Dallas Mavericks

Best First Round Matchup: NONE

The West is EXTREMELY top-heavy. The top four teams are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the conference. I don’t think any of the bottom-seeded teams have a chance for an upset. The longest series will be between OKC and Portland, which MIGHT go 6 games. At the most.

Best Playoff Performer: Steph Curry

I’m not sure how anyone can vote against him. Curry is having quite possibly one of the best individual seasons in NBA history, on a team that could go down as the best team in NBA history. He is a human highlight reel, dribbling through defenders, nailing 30-footers, and finishing extremely diffcult shots in the lane. No one has stopped him yet, and I don’t think anyone will.

Western Conference Finals: Warriors vs. Spurs

Not only will this be a matchup of the two best teams in the NBA, but is another matchup of contrasting styles: the young, fast and exciting Warriors against the experienced, methodical and blue collar Spurs. The Spurs are no slouch, with MVP contender Kawhi Leonard, along with veterans Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Lamarcus Aldridge. However, they can’t beat the Warriors in 7 games. The quickness, athleticism, and depth of the Warriors will be too much, and they will take the West again, in 7 games.

NBA Finals: Cavs vs. Warriors

Back to back. A rematch from last year’s Finals. The Cavs will have revenge on their mind, and Lebron will be hard to stop. However, the Warriors have Klay Thompson, a knockdown shooter who is becoming one of the best defenders in the league. And, again, there is no one who will be able to stop NBA Finals MVP Steph Curry. Back to back, the 2016 NBA Champions will be the Golden State Warriors, in 6 games. 

Not a Fairy Tale Start for Farrell

John Farrell managed the Toronto Blue Jays for two years and now is entering his fourth year as skipper of the Boston Red Sox. He did not have a winning season in two years in Toronto and only has had one in Boston. Granted, his one winning season resulted in a World Series championship, but, if as a fan you are satisfied with having four continuous last place finishes and then winning a World Series, you are out of your mind. It’s become boring to sit around and wait for this Red Sox team to contend or even be relevant.

It’s not just fans who are becoming impatient, obviously the Red Sox front office is tired of this culture of losing. Moves like spending $217 million on ace David Price, trading for elite closer Craig Kimbrel from San Diego and having the number five farm system in all of baseball show they want to change. The front office has done the best job possible to put the Red Sox in a winning position but, as I wrote back in December, I don’t think Farrell is right for this team.

In August, Farrell was diagnosed lymphoma and left the team to get his health in check. He beat his battle with lymphoma and many have questioned if his illness saved his job. In his absence, the team played their best baseball all season when bench coach Torey Lovullo took over and I think he will be the next Red Sox manager. The reason I’m questioning Farrell before the season has even started is the reports that have come out that Jessica Moran, who covered baseball for Comcast Sportsnet New England, was dating Farrell. Now, this isn’t a gossip story, it’s a baseball story. There is no problem with a manager being affiliated with a reporter, as former Sox manager Terry Francona and former NESN anchor Hazel Mae were together. But while Francona caused drama and some separation in clubhouses over the years, no one blamed him for it because he was good at his job. Francona could manage a baseball game and really lead the Sox to a lot of their best seasons. This year, the team’s problem is they don’t have Francona, they have Farrell.

I don’t think I’m crazy when I say that Farrell could lose control of this team and his job very fast this season. If Farrell is causing drama and separation in the clubhouse and continues his losing ways, then what purpose does he serve as the manager? I believe his battle with cancer is the only reason he hasn’t been fired. If things don’t go well early for Boston, Farrell could be saying his farewells.



MIAA-D3-Boys-Final-0402-284x300On Sunday March 20th the Hanover Boys Hockey team met central champ Algonquin in the Division 3 state title game. The game was played at TD Garden and the atmosphere was like no other game all year. Thousands from Hanover came out to support the team in what was their last game of the season. The game lived up to its hype.

Both team’s crowds were into it from the start but it was Hanover who had something to cheer about first. Senior captain Landon Hasenfuss scored to put the Indians up one and, then after an Algonquin goal, senior Bret Parker scored to regain the lead. At the end of the first period,  Hanover had the momentum.

The second period is where Hanover faced major adversity. Sophomore Zach Taylor was called for a boarding penalty, leaving the Indians shorthanded for 4:00 minutes. With a strong outing in his final game, senior captain and goalie Noah Clapp was able to perform well all game. Taylor made up for his penalty by beating the Algonquin goalie and making the score 3-1 Hanover going into the third period.

The third was like the whole game, all Hanover. Ryan Phillips scored early to make the score 4-1. Then with 3:00 minutes left, Nick Joy scored on an empty net to make it 5-1 Hanover. The players and crowd knew they had sealed victory and as time expired a celebration broke out. The excitement and emotion that all the players and coaches had after the game showed how much time and effort was put into this season. The skill and heart of this team was never questioned and how they preformed every game lead them to winning this state title. Hanover is the 2015-16 Division 3 boys hockey state champion.

The Indians earned the trip with a 5-1 win over D3 North champion Wayland at Gallo Arena March 16. In front of hundreds of fans who packed two buses and dozens of cars for the trip to the game, the boys stunned their opponent. Parker and Hasenfuss each had two goals, and senior Dan McDougall added another. Junior Alex Wisnes was named player of the game.

The last time Hanover made it to the Garden, in the 2013-2014 school year, they lost to a team from the much larger Shrewsbury. This year, after a season full of highlights, it became hard to believe that any team could beat this group.

The Indians captured the Division 3 South title with a 2-1 win over rival Norwell 2-1 on March 13. Clapp, who had two big saves in the third period to preserve the Indians’ lead, was named player of the game. They beat top-seeded and undefeated Dartmouth 3-2 in the semifinals March 10 with Hasenfuss scoring his 100th career point by assisting on one of two goals by  senior Bret Parker. Taylor, senior Nick Joy and junior Wisnes also contributed to the scoring.

Earlier in the tourney, 5th seeded Hanover  easily defeated 23rd-seed St. John Paul ll High School 9-1 on March 2, and 4th-seeded Sacred Heart 6-0 on March 5. In the March 5 game, Taylor scored a hat trick — three goals in one game.

The team is one of Hanover’s strongest, known for being not just competitive but always successful. That continued this past season as they finished 16-3-1 and became a team that no one wanted to play in the tournament. Coached by Jon Abban, the team plays well all around as they basically do not have a weakness. The combination of Clapp between the pipes, a multitude of offensive weapons, and reliable defensemen have contributed to the team’s success this season. Top scorers in the regular season were Parker with 33 points, Hasenfuss with 27, Wisnes with 23 and senior Trevor Doucette with 20.

For updates on the game follow @HHSPUCK on twitter.


Hanover: Unified in Basketball

Inspirational quotes, posters hanging around the school, a giant banner overflowing with signatures, and a sea of students sporting “end the R-word” t-shirts. I bet you thought you had seen it all during Inclusive Schools Week here at Hanover High School, but not so. The unified basketball game Monday night was the grand finale of events designed to showcase how HHS strives to create a safe learning environment for students of all abilities.


Mrs. Gately, a Spanish teacher at HHS and the creator of the Friendship Connection Club, has been leading practices for weeks with her team of players from both the boys and girls basketball teams, student volunteers, and students from the Life Skills program at HHS. The team practiced their shooting and passing, and bonded on the court before the big game.


As 6:30 on Monday rolled around, the team donned their yellow “Hanover Unified” t-shirts and warmed up in the gym as fans filtered in and filled the stands. Parents, teachers, and a great showing of students came to cheer on the team against Abington’s unified team. National Honor Society and student council members, the entire hockey team, and representatives from various other sports and clubs packed the bleachers of the gym. A round of applause went up for each member of the team as they were announced, and the energy in the gym was extremely positive throughout the night. index2

Despite a 36-28 win by Abington, Hanover kept a positive mentality and upbeat attitude until the very end. Not only was it an amazing game to watch, but a life- changing  event to participate in. Hanover basketball varsity starter Meaghan Raab stated,  “It was the most positive environment I have ever played in, how could you not have a good time?” That’s saying something, because Meg has seen many basketball games in her lifetime!

“It was the best thing I have ever been a part of,” varsity player Lissy Delahunt exclaimed after the timer sounded.  “I had so much fun!”

Mrs. Gately called it “one of the best nights of my teaching career with the most special kids.”

Based on the feedback from students and the huge fan section, we can definitely expect to see more unified games in Hanover High School’s future!